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APCO HEAL feeding project

APCO Feeding Program in Leyte


The Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations (APCO) undertook a feeding project under its Humanitarian Emergency and Livelihood (HEAL) program, for Tacloban City, in the Philippines.
HEAL started as far back as 2014 in response to then damages of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan which hit in 2013. In retrospect, APCO did its part to help restore hope among the orphaned children after the horrific devastation of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan which struck Leyte/Samar and parts of Cebu.
APCO President Cora Paras and members of APCO Board were more than happy to sponsor the project which made a follow up on the orphans.
The target of the feeding program was Barangay 59A through Councillor Bieman Penalosa, and another officer Clemetino “Repadas Jnr as well as Barangay assistants. Yours truly and Dian Ford represented APCO and were helped by the Salgado family. Some 150-200 children were excited and thankful for our presence.. We started the proceedings with a prayer, giving thanks to God for giving us the food laid before us.
We briefed the meeting about APCO and the feeding project under the HEAL Program, noting the sympathy of people from Australia. We told them how pleased we are to spread hope among kababayans especially the children who have suffered because of the typhoon.
We have already noticed how Tacloban City have changed for the better but we still saw the telltale signs of the typhoon’s devastation such as bus waiting sheds still to be repaired. We had the dreary thoughts how children and their families must relive each day, and we just pray for healing the pain that may be still within themselves.
We fed the children with two dishes served along with drinks. There was the the Filipino rice porridge “Lugaw Arroz Caldo” and then a Spaghetti Bolognese with sauce. The children loved them. The children also had games such as Word Games, Singing and Dancing, of which the children were awarded prizes like Tim Tams, Chocolate, Toys and Php20.00 prizes. I must say how talented these children were and how they simply were willing to give it a go. The program ended with pictrue taking in front of the new APCO Inc banner.
I am extremely proud of Taclobanenos and their resilience after being wiped out by super typhoon in 2013. So to the children and families, I will say again that the Taclobanenos have proven that they can gracefully rise up from that fall that came to them on that fateful day through the devastated velocity of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan 2013.
Today, the people living in Tacloban have gotten back onto their feet, now stronger and braver than ever before.
Written by Richard J Ford PRO, with Dian