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Fiesta Kultura Trade and Tourism Expo

THE Philippine Grand Fiesta Kultura on Sunday 6 October at Fairfield Showground on Prairiewood Street in Fairfield, NSW is not merely about Filipino street foods to which many visitors are attracted to come and savor every NSW Labour day public holiday in October every year.

Included in the omnibus celebrations of Filipino culture, tradition and folk festival is the Fiesta Trade and Tourism Expo where many can find business connections, discounts of some retail products and information briefings on high end commerce such as property investment, money remittances, door-to-door freight, TAFE and vocational education courses, media and TV interconnection,  Philippine Consulate outreach and yes even memorial and cemetery services sales and promotions.

A view of the representative business displays during the Fiesta is an spectacle in itself. Perhaps an anthropological study of scenes in the Fiesta at some future decades would reveal how migrant people group such as Filipinos went through life in a free and blessed land such as Australia.

Come and observe every photo frame in this post the popular goings on of Filipino-Australians and OFWs alike meeting on what organisers call as grand as well as cultural, during one weekend public holiday in NSW,