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Ethnic Communities Council Condemns Christchurch Shooting

The Ethnic Communities’ Council condemns in the strongest possible terms the events in Christchurch yesterday.

As we reflect on the events in New Zealand yesterday we remind ourselves that Multiculturalism is an ongoing project. We remind ourselves that no one is safe or exempt from Terrorism. And we call what happened in New Zealand for what it is, Terrorism.

The Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW wishes to offer its sincerest condolences to the New Zealand community and also to the communities of Muslims in Christchurch.

We also wish to state our support and brotherly love to those Muslim communities in Australia who are also naturally concerned about their own safety in their places of worship. Yesterday was an attack on all of us. And just as those Muslim leaders condemn the actions of Islamic terrorists around the world, so should non Muslim leaders condemn these actions.  – Marta Terraciano, Chair, ECCNSW