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Citizenship oath taking, proud moment for new Australians

There are a number of variations how recently sworn Australian citizens finally achieved a status many had been welcoming for a number of years.

A wife finally assured of the same Australian citizenship as her husband who arrived ahead of her in Sydney by a year.

A young family of refugees including two toddlers finally given the security of living in the  Shalvey suburb in Western Sydney after awaiting for the citizenship ceremony for nearly a year.

The importance of finally receiving the Australian citizenship certificate last 26 January at Bowan Hall of Blacktown Civic Centre  in Blacktown cannot be overemphasized.

Significance of the occasion given by the Blacktown City Council with a full work  of a community program with guests including  NSW Member for Blacktown Mr Edmond Attalla, Blacktown Mayor Stephen Bali MP himself,  and six Blacktown City Councillors and Australia Day Ambassador filmmaker Mr Paul Fenech,  and council employees and community leaders.

But to each of the unknown new Australian who took their oath, it was life defining, knowing fully well the ceremony had made them officially accepted in the Australian political society.