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Miss Australsian Pageant in May 2015

Preselection for Miss Australiasian Pageant Goes On Until 15 April

Miss Australsian Pageant in May 2015
Miss Australsian Pageant in May 2015

Auditions are ongoing for the coming final judging of the Miss Australiasian 2015 Beauty Pageant on Saturday 9th May at 6:00 to 9:00 pm  at North Sydney Leagues Club at 12 Abbott Street, Cammeray, NSW.

 Ms Cindy Dionisio the founder and  Executive Producer/CEO of Miss Australasian, said many have expressed interests and special auditions are being held for said purposes  until 15 April to complete the total 15 finalists for the first-ever “Miss Australasian” (MA), a community outreach pilot project in the “form of beauty and health advocacy with a world of a difference and for a great cause. “

Ms Dionisio said young multicultural women aged 18 to 28 vie for this local most prestigious Australia-wide competition that leads to an international pathway for the would-be title holder to be announced later.

Ms Dionisio added, “The main difference lies in the creative stimulation of the participants as they ENGAGE, ENRICH and EXCITE themselves with multifarious activities in harmony with all sections and sectors of the community. Miss Australasian revitalises the traditional concept of a beauty pageant by creating a new appreciation for the “changes and adjustments to modern times and modern values” it is introducing.”

 Ms Dionisio said, “All kinds of barriers for participation and inclusion are broken down including the elimination of the often sexualised “bathing suits” whilst focusing more on harnessing, cultivating, and polishing skills and talents and evolving well-rounded personalities that are likewise humanely, socially, and culturally aware, committed to community service, and celebrating the unique riches of our cultural diversity thus contributing towards a cohesive and harmonious multicultural society.”

Interested parties may apply directly by visiting the website or make further inquiries and ticket reservations from Over-all Artistic Director Dr. Mars Cavestany, 9636-4273/0414928952, Associate Producer Sid Vijan, 043-295-2855 or Supervising Consultant Sennie Masian, 0414813504.

Ms Dionisio said “Miss Australasian” endeavours to capture and build upon the people’s propensity for beauty pageants but raises it to a higher level of expectation and significance.

She added, ”The difference lies in the intent and content as it is the organisers view to revolutionise the concept of age-old and often tainted beauty contests by subjecting the pre-selected candidates to an intensive, integrated, and interdisciplinary Theatre Arts, Personality Development, Values Orientation and Social Awareness Program of Activities.”

Designed by a professionally trained Creative Team,  a pre-pageant workshop taps specially gifted beautiful young girls turning them into women-leaders who become smarter, more socially and culturally aligned, and grounded on sound positive values thereby serving not only as paragons of beauty but as young ambassadors and models for emulation.”

Ms Dionisio said the big event on 9th May features exhilarating new production numbers featuring the candidates in choreographic feats and musical delights headed by  leading Philippine community entertainer Mr. Brian Babon.

Ms Dionisio said.”Audiences from all ethnic communities in NSW are invited in this “come one-come all” supers show for the benefit of L’ Arche, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to the creation and growth of homes, programs, and support networks with people who have developmental disabilities.”

The pageant supports  an  Adopt A Student Program overseas wherein financial assistance is given to the poorest but deserving students to continue their education and sustain basic needs in school and sharing them a quality-life that they deserve.