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Cancer sufferer on visitor visa gets APCO cash donation

IMG_0657 (210x140)BY RICHARD FORD – Filipino visitor Tatay Oscar Espinosa who had to undergo emergency surgery whilst on tourist visa  due to recently diagnosed bowel cancer received a timely cash donation of $1,000  from the Alliance of Philippine Community Organisation or APCO  during the anniversary celebration of its affiliate body in Illawarra region in New South Wales.

Tatay Oscar who hailed from the Visayas in the Philippines received the cash donation  following representation by the Club Filipino Illawarra.  Being on visitor visa to Australia, Tatay Oscar is not entitled to Medicare assistance  for the emergency surgery  for his treatment.

Added to this problem, Tatay Oscar and his family in the Philippines also lost their house in the Visayas due to the destruction brought by Super Typhoon Haiyan last year.  Since Tatay Oscar cannot afford the medical bills,  some close friends of Tatay Oscar’s daughter Mrs Malyn Velazquez had helped initially meet the soaring medical bills.

Members and friends of Club Filipino Illawarra and a couple of other organisations in Wollongong  also held fund raising for the purpose.

The diagnosis was a shock to Tatay Oscar and his family.

APCO’s cash donation was raised during the 65th birthday celebration of APCO founder Dr Cen Amores  at her residence in Auburn, NSW. Dr Amores   had to forgo of the usual birthday presents from guests and instead asked them to dig deep for cash donation for worthy community causes including Tatay Oscar’s case.

APCO’s $1000 cash donation to Tatay Oscar was given during the 25th Anniversary celebration of Club Filipino Illawarra, Inc, a founding member of APCO. Tatay Oscar and his family were overwhelmed by the  gesture of love to a kababayan  who is in need.