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Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria representatives

Dedicated Filipino Memorial Lawns in Sydney


Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria representatives
Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria representatives

Many Filipino migrants are so sincere and dedicated in memorialising their loved ones to the extent of transporting the departed back to the Philippines for a sentimental burial and preferably with the ambience of a Filipino cultural burial ground.

The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria  of Sydney is trying to reach out to the Philippine community in Sydney announcing the availability of three Filipino designated burial grounds  in greater Sydney including the services of a Catholic crematorium in Rookwood Cemeteries in Rookwood, NSW.

The establishment’s representative, Mr Paul Lahood and his team from Paul Lahood Funeral Services hosted their information booth during the recent Penafrancia Fiesta held at the Factory Street end of the Nepean River in Penrith last 20 September. Organised by the Australian Devotees of Our Lady of Penafrancia (ADOLP), for members of the Parramatta Catholic diocese and with the St Nicholas of Myra church in Penrith as base, the celebration is now on its 9th year.

Brochures distributed by Lahood’s team reveal there is a dedicated Filipino lawn grave area at the Rookwood Catholic Cemetery called the San Lorenzo Ruiz Lawn. The dedicated area is characterised by expanses of lawn with identical headstones.

The Pedro Calungsod Lawn is another Filipino dedicated lawn area in the gentle sloping lawns of Kemps Creek Cemetery, with a number of beautiful lawn grave areas. Graves can accommodate two burials with shared granite headstone included, with the lawn area maintained by the cemetery.

Kemps Creek Cemetery also has the St Pedro Calungsod Monumental Area which encompassed the cultural background of the Catholic Filipino area of the cemetery. Mr. Lahood said sites may be purchased in advance or at the time of burial.

Mr Lahood  said purchase of burial license in each monumental lawn grave is intended  for a minimum of two burials, and includes perpetual care of the grounds.

The Catholic Cemeteries and Crematorium has a tradition that dates back to 1867 and currently operates six Catholic cemeteries within the Greater Sydney region.

It is an agency of the Archdiocese of Sydney. It is tasked with the mission of providing services to meet the  increasing and changing needs of the Catholic community, either by burial or cremation.

Cemeteries provide burials either  in ground burials by lawn grave or  the traditional section grave, with lawns grouped by community or cultural groups, such as the Filipino lawn area. There are also services for infant and children burials as well as interred cremate remains.

At Rookwood, the Cemeteries have a number of chapels for service and prayer. Including the Mother of Mercy Chapel, the Mausoleum of Resurrection Chapel, the Way of the Cross Open Chapel, the Sacred Heart Chapel, and the St Michael the Archangel Chapel.

The team of Paul Lahood and the Catholic Cemeteries and Crematoria are available to visit community gatherings and fiestas to explain about the dedicated Filipino lawn areas for those in need. Paul Lahood’s team can be reached on 0413 860 848, email or on 02 9564 0223.