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MIAA Gen. Manager Jose Honrado

Manila airport terminal fee now paid with airline ticket


MIAA Gen. Manager Jose Honrado
MIAA Gen. Manager Jose Honrado

 Good news and bad news for airline passengers, depending  on your status as passenger.

Tourists, balikbayans and foreigners  may be happier with the fact that they  may now be spared from  taking another queue to pay for the fee. After all in many airlines worldwide, checking in is being automated  and individually paying for the fee in queue is not only archaic, but time consuming

For pilgrims, students, athletes and other government sponsored individuals or  those  entitled to exemptions it would mean more  red tape order to avail of  the exemption or to apply for refund in connection with the exemption.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has combined the airport terminal charge or what is called International Passenger Service Charge with the airline ticket at point of sale, a news from the Philippine Consulate in Sydney says.

Under the old system. all passengers have to pay the Passenger Terminal Fee otherwise known as airport tax at collection counters just before the Passport Control (immigration) counters.  The charge is  PHP750.00 or approximately $17.00.

News from Manila reported MIAA General Manager Jose Honrado saying the MIAA  had been open to ideas improving systems in the airport.

MIAA said  the purpose for incorporating the terminal fee with the airline ticket is to ease up  airport checking in process. There are reportedly seven million passengers who had to queue at the airport in order to pay for the terminal fee.

Exempted to  pay at  point of sale are those who present an exemption  duly issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration  ( POEA)  or the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA).

Among those eligible to claim for these exemptions  are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with Overseas Employment Certificates issued by POEA; pilgrims endorsed by the National Commission on Muslim Affairs  with exemption certificates issued by  MIAA; and others who are authorised  by the Office of the President.

The terminal fee will be collected from exempt passengers if the ticket is purchased online, if the ticket is purchase abroad, or if no exemption certificate has been presented when the airline ticket is purchased over the counter from airline office or from travel agent in the Philippines.

A refund system is in place providing for the presentation of documents.  OFWs  need to produce an airport copy of the Overseas Employment Certificate,  proof of payment of terminal fee such as  an E-ticket,  an itinerary receipt or invoice; and a boarding pass.

Pilgrims, athletes and others have to produce the MIAA exemption certificate, either  an E-ticket or  itinerary receipt or invoice and a boarding pass. In order to claim for exemption to terminal fee.

Refund can be applied at NAIA terminal on the day of departure or the Collection Office at the ground floor of MIAA Administration Building, MIA Road, Pasay City.

Refund may be applied by representatives with the appropriate identity papers.  Check web site  for details.  Or call Terminal 1 (+632) 817 3409 local 3908 or Terminal 2 (+632) 877 1109 local 2144.