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Filipino clubs and associations join Blacktown parade

_DSC2308 (683x458)_DSC2169 (601x369)_DSC2154 (800x534)_DSC2291_DSC2366 (800x570)PHOTOS BY JADE CADELINA

Once again Filipino community associations and clubs made the presence of the Philippine community known   during the recent celebration  of Blacktown City Festival.

At least  five  Filipino clubs and associations  including senior citizens oriented clubs joined the Streets Alive and Festival Parade last Saturday May 31   along selected streets in Blacktown CBD.

The parade which was headlined by prominent Western Sydney celebrities and entertainers was joined by Blacktown’ numerous multicultural clubs ad associations including church  and schools representatives.

There was noted presence of religious groups from Indian and Chinese communities.

While many migrant groups fielded representatives from religious and church groups, Filipino representations were mainly from secular community clubs and community organisations that are based mostly in Western Sydney.

For the first time, delegation from labour union including some Filipino labour union stalwarts joined the parade.

Among the Philippine community organisations and clubs who sent representatives were the Filipino Australian Movement for Empowerment or FAME, the Philippine Australian Community Services, inc, ; the Association of Golden Australians  Pilipinos, Inc; ; the Sydney Australian Filipino Seniors, Inc., and the Blacktown City Community Band.

Mostly clad in resplendent Filipino national costume of Barong Tagalog and Baro’t Saya inspired clothes, Filipino parade paricipants  enhanced the colour and pageantry of the parade which is held every year as part of the weeklong May festival in Blacktown.

Community leader  and photo enthusiast Mr Jade Cadelina provided us some coverage shots of the event.