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NSW Premier Baird has lots of fans

IMG_0190 pcc(2) (800x533)IMG_0202 pcc(2) (800x533)IMG_0204 pcc(2) (800x506)IMG_0197 pcc(2) (800x533)IMG_0240 pcc(2) (800x433)IMG_0249 pcc(2) (800x533)There is no denying that new NSW Premier Mike Baird is a fresh face.

But not many people are aware that the statement is literally true, meaning that the NSW premier has good looking personality and this has gained him lots of fans like a rock star attending a music conceIMG_0243 pcc(2) (800x515)rt.

In the lingua franca of Filipinos Premier Mike Baird is Pogi or good looking , a sobriquete attributed years ago previously to former Liberal NSW opposition leader John Brogden who unfortunately has politically fallen in his career towards the top.

During last Saturday’s June 7th Philippine National Ball hosted by the peak organisation  Philippine Community Council of NSW at the Rosehill Garden Centre,  nearly a thousand and five hundred of the Philippine community’s leaders and affiliates soon realised Premier Baird’s newfound adulation among many guests, especially Filipinas who came to a big party to dance and be merry and had the special bonus of meeting in the flesh the NSW Premier and finding him a gentleman and a  Pogi.

Soon the crowd who  attended the Filipino independence day ball might have forgotten Premier Mike Baird’s message to  Philippine born constituents about NSW government’s initiative  on public private initiatives which Premier Baird in his speech alluded to similar policies in    President Noynoy Aquino’s major plank in governance in the Philippines.

The Liberal Coalition has another Pogi, and he is the NSW Premier.

What started as simple photo opportunity with a few Filipino Liberal Party sympathisers, turned out to be  continuous picture taking opportunities near many guests tables, like a dashing  bridegroom in a wedding party obliging many with souvenir photo shoots. Guest’s iPhones and SLR  are waved and flashed  from many directions towards Baird, perhaps enabling Premier Baird by repetition to perfect his Colgate grin to the satisfaction of many.

“I was with the NSW Premier,” was the characteristic shriek of number of lady guests.

Many of those who came to the PCC Ball are in fact proud of having met NSW premier in the flesh, and even have the picture or two posted in Facebook to prove the meeting.

As for Premier Baird’s minders and political lieutenants, the discovery that night could be indeed some sort of a political treasure, especially when the next NSW election beckons in the air.

Or at least the party’s strategists and marketing men would be aware to make this soft issue a hard political capital in the future.