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Abbot’s Liberal Govt. is not funding 130 Multicultural Projects Across NSW, says Zangary

IMG_3660 (2) (640x427)The Abbot Liberal Government has abolished funding for the Building Multicultural Communities Program, controversially refusing to honour contracts for projects, said NSW Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Communities Mr Guy Zangari. Mr Zangary said

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell must “step up to the plate and make up the funding shortfall” .

Mr Zangary provided Bayanihan News a photocopy of a letter by the Australian Department of Social Services, dated 12 December 2013, advising the addressee organisation  whose proper name was blotted out in the document  spelling  out action of the then Department of Immigration and Citizenship (now Department of Social Services – DSS) in relation to the Building Multicultural Communities Program.

The letter which was signed by section manager Mr David Turner of Grants Management Section of Settlement and Multicultural Program  unit said the funding for the program is being withdrawn.

Primary reason is that  “a whole review of discretionary grants has been underway, and in the light of current state of federal budget, the Government has decided to reduce the scope of the Building Multicultural Program.”

The Building Multicultural Communities Program  has an allotment of $4.55 million to provide one-off to support community organisations by improving facilities which create meeting places and enhances social cohesion.

One stream of funding provides $1,000 to $10,000 to support non-fixed infrastructure and equipment including computers nd printers, photocopiers, telephones, furniture and sporting equipment.

The other stream of funding provides grants up to  $150,000 for capital works and non-fixed infrastructure including multicultural hub, purpose built buildings, meeting rooms that form part of public building.