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CRC Chair applauds Imam’s voice vs marriage with 13 years old child bride

IMG_9420 (2) (308x320)The possibility that a 13-year-old girl could participate in a marriage service and live with an adult as his wife is abhorrent, and we applaud the statements of condemnation which have been issued by a number of Muslim leaders.

Australia welcomes immigrants from around the world and our origins reflect most of the regions, races, religions and cultures of the world. Multiculturalism is about recognising the entitlement of Australians to practise their cultures and religions – with the condition that this is underpinned by obligation to the rule of law. This is non-negotiable.

No cultural practices can be exempt from scrutiny or be above the law. No self-respecting country can accord residents or immigrants a free pass to do whatever they wish.

The NSW Community Relations Commission has been active in campaigning against forced marriage and arranged marriage. We work with all communities for the betterment of our multicultural society and we hope that this latest report will prove to be a catalyst in bringing about the end of such inhumane practices.