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Fake monks begging on Sydney streets

Acting NSW Fair Trading Commissioner John Tansey is waring consumers to be on the lookout  for people dressed as Buddhist monks soliciting for money in Sydney.

Mr Tansey said there had been a number of reports made to police, but it yet to be determined if the public are pressured ut tinto giving money to the fake monks under false pretences.

“There is no law against begging in NSW but this is nevertheless clearly a scam,: Tansey  said.

“These people are taking advantage of the public’s generosity and have no affiliations with the Buddhist community.

The operators have been spotted at various well populated areas across Sydney, including Circular Quay, HydePark, Darling Harbour, Surry Hills and Parramatta CBD.

Taney said the public should note the following:

How to identify a potential face-to-face charity scam:

* The person who claims to be collecting donations on behalf of the charity  approaches you face to face  and does not have any identification. Remember, even if they have identification they could have been forged or meaningless

* The person tries to put pressure on you b making you feel guilty or selfish if you don’t want to donate.

*The person asking for money cannot or will not give you details of the charity, such s the full name tax status address or phone number.

*The person gets defensive if you ask any questions about what the charity does and how much of the donation  gets taken u by costs.

*The person asks for cash donations and they don’t want a cheque. Or they want the cheque to be made out to them rather than the charity.

*The person dot want t give you a receipt. Or they give you a receipt that does not have the charity’s details on it.