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At an amphitheatre in ancient Roman fortification in Caesarea

Letter from Manila on recent Holy Land Tour

IMG_1176 (320x240)IMG_1124 (320x260)  IMG_1134 (320x227)Some 23 Sydneysiders who went to Manila and joined the Chrislink Holy Land Tour in October this year including this writer are thankful for the opportunity.
Most especially the group appreciates with the leadership and  spiritual mentoring by  Pastor Jun Ferrez,  the Senior Pastor of the Capitol City Foursquare Church of Quezon City, throughout the journey.
This writer is  posting the letter of  Pastor Ferrez to the group of Sydneysiders including some attachments of the memorable group photos during the pilgrimage, as such:
Dear Folks,

Greetings from Manila!

It is as if we completed our journey to Israel only a few days ago.

Lingering memories were being quietly filed away in my mind when I was suddenly jolted into reality by the vicious blow of Yolanda which hit central Philippines with unprecedented fury.

I am sure that many of us have been driven to our knees in supplication for God’s mercy upon the folks of Samar and Leyte, especially.  Thank you for your prayers and help.

I would like to thank you, too, for joining us in the Holy Land Tour. I just received a copy from Chrislink of the summary of the evaluation that we participants were asked to give.  I am heartened to know of the positive and satisfied feedback from almost everyone.  The suggestions for improvement in certain areas have been noted.
As promised, I would like to send you through this email copies of the group pictures taken from my camera.  You may remember that there were a few instances when only one or two cameras were used to save time.  I did commit to share with you whatever you may have missed in your camera, especially these four images:
     1. The Group at the Temple Mount
     2. The Group at the Open Theatre at Caesarea
             (by the Mediterranean)
     3. Seven Couples Wed Again at Cana of Galilee
     4. The Group at the Mount of Beatitudes
This early, I would like to let you know that plans are underway for Holy Land Tour 2014, God willing.  The dates are almost the same, a difference of just one day:  October 20-28, 2014Chrislink says that
the cost is almost the same  (US $2795) except that the air fare may go up somewhat as airlines are expected to increase rates next year.
I will let you know the final cost of next year’s tour by the March or April next year.
In the meantime, if you have family or friends who may be interested to join next year’s tour, please let them know.  It’s not too early to plan, pray and save for something that is so marvelous and life-changing!
God bless you much in every way,
Pastor Jun Ferrez