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How to help our Kababayans

As the Philippines once again reel from a devastating typhoon, nations have responded with help and aid – not the least Australia.  Government agencies, NGOs and community organisations are setting up campaigns to send aid to different parts of the Philippines.

If you want to be of help, below are some avenues (we will be updating this list as campaigns and requests come through):


As the Philippines struggles to come to terms with the devastation wreaked by Typhoon Haiyan, concern remains high for children and families affected by the storm.

Global children’s charity Plan International is on the ground working to protect the thousands affected by this catastrophic event, distributing much needed life-saving relief to children and their families.

Plan has worked in the Philippines for more than 50 years and has extensive experience responding to natural disasters and other crises, deploying teams of technical experts to support the immediate delivery of clean drinking water, food, medical supplies, shelter, educational resources and psychosocial support.

Earlier today, Plan aid worker Hatai Limprayoonyong (Yam) reported the horrifying scenes before her:

“Trees have been torn from the ground and lie uprooted at the side of the road. Buildings are reduced to rubble. Electricity polls have toppled over. Boats lie upside down on the ground and huge six-wheel lorries are overturned,” she said.

“…the smell of dead bodies pervades. Some of them are littered by the side of the road, mixed in with the rubbish, but people just ignore them. When you see it, when you can sense it, smell it and feel it – it’s awful. There’s no food or water here and all around me, people are desperately trying to find something to eat.”

Plan International Australia CEO, Ian Wishart, has been in the Philippines since the weekend, and is stunned by the sheer scale of this emergency.

“I am utterly shocked by the level of destruction and loss of life. I can only imagine what children are going through,” he said.


“I’m calling on the Australian public to support our life-saving response by donating to our appeal – time is of the essence.”



Donate to Plan’s Typhoon Haiyan Disaster appeal online at or by phoning 13 75 26.

Donations can supply the following items to families in need:

·        $25 – Infant kit for one child

·        $40 – Hygiene kit for one family for one month (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, sarong, sanitary napkins, a plastic bucket an dipper and nail cutters)

·        $125 Full shelter kit for one family (ground matting, plastic sheeting, ropes, poles and nails)



Plan is one of the world’s oldest and largest children’s development organisations.  We work with communities in 50 developing countries and raise funds in 21 countries, like Australia, to support our work.

By actively involving children, and working at a grassroots level with no religious or political agenda, we unite and inspire people around the globe to transform the world for children.