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Migrante Australia Calls for Community Action Vs PH Pork Barrel System

Migrante Australia
Migrante Australia

September 12 – Migrante Australia is calling on all Filipinos in Australia to support our compatriots in the Philippines in demanding for the Philippine Congress to abolish the “pork barrel” system, said Migrante spokesmen George Kotsakis, Edwin Subijano, Reyvi Marinas, and Rey Mallary, in a joint statement.

“The PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) also known as the Congressional “pork barrel” system refers to government appropriations used by politicians to fund pet projects and programs for their personal political and economic gain.” said a Migrante statement.

“For over decades since the time of former Philippine President and tyrant-dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the following regimes, the pork barrel funded projects and programs put constituents and electorates indebted and beholden to politicians. The source of pork barrel funds is from people’s taxes. The politician who holds the pork barrel has the discretion on where and how this will be used. In practice it shows that pork barrel is used by politicians for their self-serving political agenda.,” the statement said.
“In the Philippines one can see politicians’ pictures and names on oversized billboards showing some infrastructure projects. The logic that these billboards are trying to present to the public is the money for this projects are from his personal funds and that the community must be indebted solely to this politician.”
“Migrante International’s research also shows that the Philippine government earns at least 0.15% for every P200 remittance per day. This is part of government accrued earnings which is the source of pork barrel.”
“Migrante Australia supports the call for united action against corruption and we join Philippine communities worldwide calling for the abolition of all forms of pork barrel funds. “
” Thus, Migrante Australia adopts the unity statement to abolish pork barrel: Despite the widespread public outcry for the abolition of all forms of pork barrel funds, President Aquino continues to disregard his “bosses” and persists in retaining the system of discretionary, lump sum appropriations for individual members of Congress and the Chief Executive in the national budget, although with a new mechanism for its release.
“Inspired by people’s dramatic and widespread participation in the August 26 Million People March in Manila, Philippines and guided by its calls, we pledge to keep up the pressure on the government to:
1) Abolish the pork barrel system; 2) Prosecute all the guilty parties including all conniving senators, congressmen, other public officials and bogus NGOs; 3) Allocate pork barrel funds to social services,” the Migrante statement said.
“We call on our fellow Filipinos to participate in the various actions and initiatives for this purpose most especially protest actions on Friday, 13 September, 4:00 pm at the Philippine Consulate Sydney and at 5:30 pm, in front of State Library, Melbourne.
We further call for ZERO REMITTANCE DAY on 19 September 2013!” Migrante statement said.