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Sagip Kabayan 2013

Alliance of Phil. Community Org. Launches Sagip Kabayan 2013 Fund Raising

Sagip Kabayan 2013
Sagip Kabayan 2013

The Sydney-based  Philippine Community Organisation or APCO has launched its fund raising project “Sagip Kabayan 2013”  to provide relief and assistance to the victims of  Typhoon Maring in the Philippines. The fund raising project is under the organisation’s standby fund raising program APCO Humanitarian, Emergency and Livelihood  (HELP) program.

APCO President Mr Jhun Salazar is appealing to APCO affiliate association officers and members to support the project.

“May I encourage everyone to please bring your donations either monetary or relief items incuding but not limited to clothing, blankets, towels, canned goods, non-perishable edible items and usefu utensils (pans, spoons, forks and plates), etc  to a dop point at 6/15 St John Road, Auburn.  Please encourage member,friends and relatives to participate. Thank you.” Mr Salazar said.

In a special meeting held at Dooleys, Lidcombe on the 30th of September chaired by the meeting’s designated chairman Dr Cen Amores,  it was agreed to distribute donated goods in three  areas in the Philippines, namely Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog  and  Northern Philippines, to ensure effective and timely arrival of assistance.

Typhoon Maring and two  other typhoons that dovetail it  wrought devastation  and flooding in wide area of affected cities and province in the Philippines. Target  landing of help is not later than Christmas 2013.

Cash donations will be personally delivered by APCO founding president and advisers, Dr Cen and Ruben Amores who are scheduled to have their family Christmas holiday in the Philippines this year.

Donations by cheque, payable to Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations, Inc may be posted to: APCO, PO Box 20156, Berala NSW 2141. Cash donations may be deposited to APCO’s bank account for HEAL Program with Commonwealth Bank of Australia  under the following details: BSB No: 062 443 Account No: 10884201 Account Name: Alliance of Philippine Community Organisations, Inc.

For further enquiries, please contact: Jhun Salazar on 0414 352 606, email: or Dr Cen Amores on 9645 6670, email: