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St Scholastica’s Alumni Meet on 21 Sept.

St. Scholastica’s College Alumnae Association of Australia  (SSCAAA) will have its first annual general meeting since its inception, on September 21st,  Saturday, at the Nurrangingy Reserve in Doonside, New South Wales.

The Annual General meeting will also cover the election of officers.  A BBQ lunch will follow afterwards.   St. Scholastica’s College memorabilias will also be available on sale during the day.

If you are a Scholastican or a member of its affiliated Benedictine schools, we would love to have you join us and share the fun.

For more information,  SSCAA is  contactable via Facebook   (Type in St. Scholastica’s College Alumnae Association of Australia) or use this link   or call Gemma Leyba at 0409 818 645,  Secretary and PRO.