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Federal seat of Adelaide candidate Ms Carmen Garcia

carmenabbot (215x143)Filipino Australian candidate of the Coalition for the seat of  Adelaide in South Australia Ms Carmen Garcia reiterated her party’s commitment  “to build a strong, prosperous economy.”

In a message to her constituents in the Federal set of Adelaide, Ms Garcia, Ms Garcia challenged voters in her district to choose between the Coalition plan and what she said as “another three years of  chaos and broken promises under Labor.”

She said, ”I have door knocked some 5000 houses, held numerous street corner meetings, attended community forums, and been supermarketing  across my electorate  and there is one message I have heard loud  and clear – the people of Adelaide has no confidence in the Gillard Labor Government.”

“Small businesses are struggling to keep the door open – you only have to look at the number of empty properties. Families have n certainties about their future: whether it’s the rising cost of water, electricity, or childcare, future of education, employment or  superannuation.”

“They want a government that has strong plan to help families get ahead, deal with costs of living pressures and create more jobs.”

Carmen is daughter of the current president of the Filipino Communities Council of Australia (FILCCA) Atty. Aida Florendo Garcia of Adelaide.

Aida is working hard and asking Philippine community friends  and connections to help her daughter’s bid for  the Federal seat of Adelaide.

For several  years Carmen has been active herself in the affairs of the Australia-wide umbrella organisation FILCCA as youth coordinator in addition to her  years of involvement in youth outreach projects in her city of Adelaide.