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Blakdyak & K Brosas Australian Tour 2013

Blakdyak & K Brosas
Blakdyak & K Brosas Australian Tour 2013

Life Changing Entertainment proudly presents Kakai Brosas and Blakjak on 2nd November 2013 at The Showroom Mounties Club, Mt. Pritchard NSW.

Ticket prices are VIP$85, Platinum$75 and Gold$65. Ticket enquiry please contact Jane – 0415 978 156 or buy them online. Buy 10 tickets and receive 1 FREE ticket promo.

Kakai Brosas, known widely as K Brosas, is a famous singer and actor in the Philippines known for singing jazz blues music. She is the lead singer of the group K and the Boxers, which was formerly known as Gladys and the Boxers with K, and also a former lead singer of The Crucibles band. She also hosts karaoke bars in various places in the Philippines.

K Brosas has the ability to belt high pitch songs while doing her vocal acrobatics and can be compared to the likes of Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand.

Blakdyak is a Sidekick Comedian Actor and Singer. Blakdyak a Half Filipino and Half Barbadosian and Born in Olongapo City. Her first movie film from Viva films Title Ang Asin at Paminta together with Eddie Garcia.

These dyanmic duo will be “Aboslutely Histerical” with their fast paced comedy at its best! This for sure not for the faint hearted as you will be left gasping for breath and blown away with laughter.