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mad max
mad max

“Mad Max” Apocalyptic Night at Sydney Royal Easter Show

Celebrating its 190th year,  Australia’s biggest annual Easter event the Sydney Royal Easter Show has put a dash of futuristic slant to its nightly marque performance  featuring no longer jakaroos and Snowy Mountain horde riders but an Olympic-opening inspired show complete with “Mad Max” scenes of monster trucks and daredevil motor  riders appropriately clad in black apocalyptic characters costumes like that of  Captain Compass and his cohorts.

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The stadium spectacular called “Darcy’s Quest” which includes diverse Australian, Spanish and British crew and production staff  feature an on-field action stunt presentation which tells a futuristic world without animals. The story involves a three storey high copper creature  and lots of  monster trucks, human pyros and characters called Lords of the Lightning.

The nightly spectacular is a counterpoint to  Sydney Royal Easter Show’s regular huge attractions at Sydney’s Olympic Show ground year after year, namely the gargantuan importance of  animals, particularly farm animals and  farm produce in Australia’s economy.

Michael Collins, Chief Operating Officer says Sydney Royal Easter Show which began Thursday March 2t  is highlighted every night by   “Darcy’s Quest”  which follows a typical daylong offering of  rides, food stalls, displays, animals and special events.

Combining spectacular lighting, pyrotechnics, special effects and original music score, “Dary’s Quest” is an amazing mini Olympics opening ceremony style show, fittingly under the direction of Di Henry,  who has worked on many major event including the 2012 London Oympics.

Commenting on the Easter Show itself, CEO Mr. Collins said,”The Show is celebrating 190 years since the very first Show was held in 1823 at the Parramatta Park, and this year’s show is another amazing examle of the mix of the tradition, innovation and recognition of excellence whch makes the annual event so special.”

“The other thing we’re excited about is the growing array of dining options at the Show, with all the traditional Show foods as well as this year’s new Show food the Dino Rib alogside the award winning produce at the Sydney Royal Cafe.”
“We are delightd to offer Showgoers the new Sydney Royal Beer and Wine Garden as a space to relax away from the carnival fun and enjoy some of the award winning produce from Australia accompanied by craft beers and boutique wines.”

The animals are a huge part of what make the show amazing every year, whether your interest lies in the competition judging and getting the boots dusty, or you simply want to cuddle the cute baby animals and show your kids where the foods come from.

“So many Syneysiders have wonderful memories of the Show and indeed some of our exhibitiors and competitors are following amazingly strong family traditions to be here. We ara Australia’s biggest annual event, as well as one of the oldest and best respected agricultural shows,” Mr. Collins said.

The Sydney Royal easter Show is scheduled from Thursday 21 March to Wednedy 3 April 2013. For further information, please visit