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Letter to Editor – On Australian Defense Abuse Reparation Scheme

Dear Sir,
The announcement last week of the Defense Abuse Reparation Scheme is a major step forward for men and women who have been subjected to sexual and other abuse within the Australian Defense Forces.
The scheme means that the current and former ADF members will get the justice and reconciliation they deserve after years of inaction. It will also give the abuse victims the opportunity to acces necessary counselling and medical assistance, helping them turn a page on what would have been a traumatic and testing experience for them.
Whie the scheme is not intended as a replacement for copensation payments that refect the abuse or the long term problems that follow, it goes at least some ways to help the claimant in their healing process.
Where I come from, any form of abuse is severe and unacceptable and I look frward to working with the federal government on bringing compassion on this issue.
Brian Briggs
Military Compensation
Slater & Gordon Lawyers