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“Daang Matuwid” in Filipino Community

Long time Sydney businessman Mr Enrique Campos Jr. recently said  Philippine community leaders need to step up to a higher sense of service in the light of recent successes in Philippine economy following Philippine President Benigno Aquino’s policy of “Daang Matuwid” (straight path) in the government.

FOREX Door-to-Door chief Mr Campos had years of dealings with the community. He said it’s about time Filipino community leaders get rid of old bad habits, the usual “short-cuts”, and the “puwede na” attitude.

During a recent trip to Davos, Switzerland, Philippine President Aquino called on members of the Filipino community “to unite and continue to tread the straight path” as the Philippines itself receives the benefits of various reforms now being implemented in the country.

Mr Campos said the recent rise in Philippine economy, the demise of graft and corruption, albeit slowly and the establishment of  a level playing field for business, should also inspire local Filipino-Australian community leaders.

Mr Campos said it is just right that community leaders get rid themselves of unreasonable sense of entitlement and the years of monopoly of leadership positions.  He said Australia is a level playing field and with vast opportunities, where one’s hard work for  excellence would be rightfully rewarded.

Mr  Campos took note of the perennial secrecy in the financial affairs of the bigger community organisations. He pointed out a recent opinion piece in another paper wherein a reader alleged “cover up” and questioned the integrity and honesty of the leaders of a festival organisation.

Mr Campos said such leadership style and mindset need to change, and a sincere service to members must come in.

Mr Campos was reminded of the urban story  in Spain about the present King Juan Carlos who in his younger days was an avid motorcycle enthusiast.  The story goes that one unfortunate motorist  was stalled on a freeway for lack of petrol.  An incognito good Samaritan motorcyclist still with his helmet on, helped him and unselfishly bought him a can of petrol from miles away.

Before they finally parted ways, the rider  took off his helmet and showed his face, handing the grateful motorist a calling card marked “Servant of the People.” The rider was later identified as the Spanish king.