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Advertiser Test Page

Dear Advertiser,

Please be informed that this is just a TEST PAGE. This is NOT the ad that will appear in the Bayanihan pages.  This simply shows how your advert would look/play like.

Please refer to our advertising page for details of where your ad will finally appear. When you have signed off on the ad, your purchased ad space would then begin to show the ad/creative you see on this page.


Please also note that your ad here would be temporary, as other advertisers would go to this page to see their own ads and test them.   If you have supplied us your own creative, it would appear as is.


If however, you have asked us to create for you an ad creative compatible with DoubleClick Ad server, then this would serve as a test of the ad itself.  If you have paid for the creation of the ad, you are entitled to have 2 revisions of the ad for the duration of your campaign.



For ABC Migration


START =====================================


======================================== END