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Hundred interstate and overseas teachers recruited for science, tech and math

The first science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) teachers recruited from interstate and overseas will start landing in NSW public school classrooms later this year, in line with the NSW Government commitment to recruit 560 by 2024.

Sarah Mitchel
NSW Minster Sarah Mitchell

Minister for Education and Early Learning Sarah Mitchell said the $14 million drive to recruit teachers from beyond NSW is bringing more teachers into schools across the state.

“We have had a huge response from interstate and overseas teachers with 100 teachers already moving through our approval to teach processes,” Ms Mitchell said.

“In addition, we have 3,100 more at earlier stages in the process, 1,800 of whom are already teachers which shows how keen people are to move to and teach in NSW.”

“This approach is creating a new and reliable pipeline of teachers, while continuing to make sure our teachers are qualified and meet professional standards before they enter the classroom.

“We are also working closely with Investment NSW and the Department of Home Affairs to support international recruits.”

Announced in October 2021, the $125 million NSW Teacher Supply Strategy is a new multi-pronged response to the complex challenge of attracting, developing and retaining teachers, while modernising the workforce.

The NSW Government is tackling teacher supply at multiple levels, including:

  • growing overall supply through recruitment strategies like Recruitment Beyond NSW
  • encouraging existing teachers to upskill to meet demand for specialist roles in inclusive education and counselling
  • streamlining the process for mid-career professionals to move into teaching
  • getting great teachers to the bush, including expansion of the successful Rural Experience Program.

“It is clear the solution to making sure we have great teachers is not just about pay. We need to look wider and deeper, promote the benefits of teaching and reflect the passion I see when I am out in schools every day,” Ms Mitchell said.