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Children's Festival

Children’s Festival hosts meet 6 December at Revesby Workers Club

Stakeholders of the long running community event Children’s Festival will hold an AGM at 3:00 pm  on Sunday 6th December at Revesby Workers Club said a statement from Mr Warren Duncan.

The book The Children’s Festival – Playing together and Living in Harmony, the story in word and picture of the Children’s Festival over the last 21 years and its achievements will be launched during the ocasssion.

The book provides an understanding of how this children’s festival was born and how it survived so well for two decades when many other community festivals fell  by the wayside.

There are a few politicians attending the event.

Children’s Festival is expected to be back in 2021 possibly in March at Tumbalong Park at the Darling Harbour when the Covid-19 restrictions are finally lifted.

Mr Duncan said  decision on this is expected this December.