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Labor cites 100,000 partner visa application backlog

As of 30 June, 100,000 Australians and 100,000 of their partners who have applied for visas were waiting for the opportunity to begin, or continue, their lives together in Australia, said a statement from Senator Kristina Keneally Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and also Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship and from Mr Andrew Giles MP Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

Australians and their partners, husbands, or wives can’t put down roots, get jobs, buy homes or build communities in Australia because of the government’s go-slow partner visa processing, said the statement.

It is alleged that visa applications have been piling up in the Department of Home Affairs and the processing time for 90 per cent of partner visa applications was an astonishing 27 months as of 30 July.

It said couples have been forced to put their lives on hold for close to two and half years as they wait for the Morrison Government to process their partner visa applications.

It adde the government has not explained how their new English language requirements for partner visa applicants and their permanent resident sponsors will impact applications – both those waiting to be processed and new applications.

It ask whether the government trying to force Australians to choose who they fall in love with or marry based on their English language skills?

It said until the government proves they are speeding up processing times and clearing the partner visa application backlog, the recent  Budget announcement is just another attempt to get a headline that won’t help people.