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Fil-Aussie Billie Kid’s music album “24 Hrs”

Rising Filipino-Australian music wiz Billie Kid is about to drop his first serious EP that he created in one day, cleverly titled “24HRS.” Mark your calendars and listen to the four-track EP when 24HRS makes its debut on Spotify and all digital platforms on May 6, said hiphop impressario Marco Selorio.

Born and raised in Manila, Billie Kid migrated to Australia with his family in 1989 and never looked back. Now based in Melbourne City, the insanely gifted singer-songwriter-producer is extremely excited to share his music to the rest of the world., said Mr. Selorio.

“I was given four tracks by my producer JAIM. I was so inspired that I wrote and created everything in the space of twenty-four hours. Music is ultimately a creative platform for me to express myself,” Billie Kid was quoted about the production.

Billie Kid can sing, rap, compose lyrics and produce his own beats. He has been mentored by Sergio Selim and Amaru (Thundamentals), but looks up to music icons Pharrell and Will-I-Am “because they are entrepreneurs.” He has a passion for fashion. In his spare time Billie Kid delves into art design, paintings and drawing.  He curated some work with Vogue Australia and Melbourne Fashion Week last year. No doubt, this kid is a one-stop shop for urban culture.

With an Australian television appearance in the pipeline, Billie Kid will also be collaborating with MAS Music Group director Marco Selorio to produce fresh new music for an international audience. Things are moving faster online, and that’s just fine by him.

“My goal this year is to create a hit song and go global. It’s my time!”

For a sneak peak, visit Billie Kid’s official website on and follow him on Instagram @thebilliekid