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No more children detainees at Nauru

Australian Prime Minister toay said every asylum seeker child has now been removed from Nauru or has had their claim processed and has a clear path off the island.

Mr Morrison said ,”Our strong border protection policies mean we’ve been able to stop the boats and work through the backlog of cases Labor created when 50,000 people arrived on 800 boats on their watch.”

PM Morrison said there were 109 asylum seeker children on Nauru at the end of August 2018 at the time we took on our respective roles as Prime Minister and Minister for Immigration.

He said that since then, and as was made clear at the time, we have been working quietly and methodically through this process without compromising the integrity of Operation Sovereign Borders. There are now only four asylum seeker children on Nauru and they have all been approved for departure to the United States of America with their families.

“We have got all the children Labor put in detention centres out, and we have shut down all the detention centres Labor opened, including on Christmas Island.

“Australia has one of the most generous humanitarian immigration programs in the world, but we can only do it by maintaining strong borders and insisting people come the right way.

“We have secured our borders, we stopped the boats and the tragic drownings at sea. And we have been supporting children compassionately without putting our strong border security at risk.

PM Morrison said, “We have got the balance right.”

“You don’t get all children off Nauru by putting more on. That is why we must maintain the integrity of Operation Sovereign Borders. Labor’s policies will unravel the strong border protection framework we have put in place.

Labor’s laws currently before the Parliament would end offshore processing as we know it, tearing apart our strong border policies. This would only see the horror start all over again.

On our watch we will never let Australia get back into the mess Labor left us when they locked up nearly 8,000 children in detention.