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Operation “Staithe” Checks on Recreation Fishing on Sydney Harbour

A compliance operation, codenamed “Staithe”, by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has targeted recreational fishers during night time patrols at Sydney Harbour ferry wharves.

Fisheries officers used long range spotting scopes, cameras, night image intensifiers and infrared technology to assist with their investigations.

Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair said during the autumn and winter months, recreational fishers frequent public ferry wharves, as they provide a well-lit yet sheltered location.

“Unfortunately we receive numerous reports of bad behaviour at wharfs during the night,”  Mr Blair said.

“There have been be a range of issues from illegal fishing activity, leaving the wharf littered with rubbish, anti-social behavior and worst of all, reports of members of the public being threatened at commuter ferry wharves at night.

“This kind of behaviour is not acceptable and we will continue to target and catch those doing the wrong thing.”

During the two-day operation, officers inspected more than 80 fishers. The main offences detected were possessing prohibited or undersized fish, exceeding the daily bag limit, failing to produce a fishing licence and leaving set fishing lines unmarked and unattended.

There are 68 public ferry wharves on the picturesque Sydney Harbour, plus 20 land based fishing platforms and boat ramps, which recreational fishers utilise to wet a line.

DPI regularly patrols waterways, boat ramps and foreshores to speak to anglers about being responsible fishers.

Fishers are asked to minimise their impact on other members of the community by:

  • Collecting and disposing of all litter, bait, fish waste and discarded tackle responsibly.
  • Winding in fishing lines quickly before ferries reach the wharves – vessels and commuters have priority at ferry wharves.
  • Not obstructing passengers.
  • Following all recreational fishing rules – including licence, fish size and bag limit rules.