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Bohol’s Loboc children choir performs in Sydney July 3 and 4

Loboc children' choir
Loboc children’ choir

BY BENJIE DE UBAGO – From the rubbles of the earthquake that shook Bohol on October 2013, rise the Loboc Children’s Choir to sing of faith, goodwill and hope.  The Choir will be touring New Zealand (June 10-20) and Australia – Melbourne (June 21-28), Canberra (June 29-30) and Sydney (July 3 and 4).

The Boholano and Friends Association, along with Bohol Rising Theatre, Philippines and in conjunction with Dulaang Kasing Sining will be staging two shows for the Loboc Children’s Choir here in Sydney: At Blacktown – Friday, 3 July 2015 at Greater Western Sydney Performing Arts Theatre at 141 Hyatt Road, Plumpton; and at Liverpool – Saturday, 4 July 2015 at the Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90a Memorial Avenue.

“We are so pleased to be able to showcase the talents of the children of Loboc and share the pride of the Boholanos with Filipinos and Australians alike” said Malcolm Boncales, President of Boholanos and Friends.   “It’ll be an opportunity to see the children perform while also helping rebuild the century old churches of Bohol which have been destroyed by the earthquake” he added.

From their humble beginnings at the Loboc Central Elementary School, 30 children aged 10 to 13 have stepped onto the world stages of the major cities in Asia, Europe and the USA and have attained international recognition. With their young, angelic voices and synchronized choreographed routines, they have endeared audiences around the  globe singing of a proud heritage, of faith, goodwill and hope. Ever so versatile, their fabulous repertoire ranges from classical, folk, Broadway, jazz, contemporary to the traditional Filipino classics, and reaping award after award along the way.   Behind the children, a battery of talented musicians and conductors all of whom have given their time to mentor them.  At the helm, is Alma Fernando-Taldo, an elementary school teacher who took the reins as musical director and conductor.

The Loboc Children’s Choir is a three times winner of the National Music Competitions for Young Artists in the Philippines.  They clinched top honours at the European Folksongs Festival in Barcelona, Spain in 1993 and 1995 and took home the Gold medal in the children’s choir category in 2001.  In 2011, they came third in the “Certamen Choral de Tolosa,“ Tolosa Spain and came home last year with the silver from the China International Chorus Festival in Beijing, China. They have made their bows before the world’s top dignitaries including the late Pope John Paul II and a command performance for Her Majesty Queen Sofia of Spain during a cultural exchange visit to the Philippines.

As young cultural ambassadors of the country, they have helped promote the province of Bohol as a Heritage destination and have lent their voices to raise funds for the reconstruction of the earthquake ravaged churches and the rehabilitation of the region. Fusing music and drama, DULAANG KASING SINING will complement the Loboc Children’s Choir by leading in the dramatization and Dance Theater re-enactments of Bohol rising, to tell the story of the solidarity and resiliency of a people.

The choir is also proudly supported by  Boholano arts institutions, in partnership with the Diocese of Tagbilaran, the Provincial Government of Bohol, the Department of Education, and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.  All monies raised from these concerts will go directly to the Diocese of Tagbilaran for the rebuilding of Bohol.

This concert will make you quiver and the children will no doubt, touch your hearts.

Tickets for the Whitlam Leisure Centre Concert at Liverpool on Saturday, July 4 may be obtained by going online  For tickets to Greater Western Sydney Performing Arts Theatre, Blacktown on Friday, July 3 may be obtained by phoning Boholanos and Friends on 0439 629 174 or 0419 251 438; via email –