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Martin Nievera

Martin Nievera in Sydney, Brisbane. May 8 & 9

Martin Nievera
Martin Nievera

Philippines award winning entertainer Martin Nieverra celebrates his 30th year as entertainer with the Martin Nievera Tatlong Dekada Australia 2015 Anniversary tour in Sydney and in Brisbane on 8th May and 9th May, respectively.

Martin Ramon Razon Nievera (born February 5, 1962, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino singer, songwriter, and actor. He is one of the main hosts of musical variety show ASAP on ABS-CBN.

Nievera was born on February 5, 1962, in Manila, Philippines to well known balladeer Bert Nievera and Conchita Razon. He  spent most of his childhood in Hawaii and then California, returning to the Philippines in 1982 to start an illustrious entertainment career.

In his Sydney show, Martin Nieverra will be accompanied live by respected musician Louie Ocampo and his band. Venue in Brisbane is Chandler Theatre on Old Cleveland Rd, Chandler, Qld.

Martin Nieverra’s Sydney show will be held at Mounties Showroom at Mounties Club on 101 Meadows Road, Mt Pritchard, NSW. Ticket prices are $9, $80 and $70.

Local talents to be featured in the show incude  Louise Nuss, Tlona Garcia, Bernie Marquez, Tyara Nyuzo, Isabelle Montillano, Bryann Innes, Melanie Balagtas, Jasmine Henry,and Rhie Manaloto

For ticket info  and inquiries please contact– Nita 0437 210 007 Salve 0452 552 515 Elisa 0433 026 484  Vivian 0405 086  681  Pinoy Tiketek 0412 114 0409 Or buy Online – http: //

In 1982, Nievera began co-hosting the TV variety show Penthouse Live! with Pops Fernandez, who would later become his wife.

Martin Nieverra garnered 18 platinum, 5 double platinum, 3 triple platinum and 1 quadruple platinum albums in his entire career.