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Faith In Action Missionaries Allyson and Abraham Akkary

Migrants Now Go Out Overseas For Missions

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Faith In Action Missionaries Allyson and Abraham Akkary
Faith In Action Missionaries Allyson and Abraham Akkary

Some second generation migrants who grew up in Australia are continuing the Christian missionary tradition, participating in mission trip  to the Pacific with a few actually  remaining and living in mission posts to advance  Christian evangelisation.

 For years now Australia had been the launching pad for Christian missionaries in the Pacific and Asia, immensely contributing Australia’s goodwill and assistance to the recipient countries

Only recently some 14  Filipino Australian youths from the Pentecostal Come To Jesus Church in Glendenning, NSW led by young Pastor Valerie Cantre went for a three-week missions exposure in Madang, Papua New Guinea.  The PNG city is the site of a missions post started many years ago by Foursquare Australia and the place of work  of a number of missionaries including  home builder  Ps. Graham and his wife nurse Mrs Irene Baker, now retired in their 80s, of Woodcroft, NSW. 

 A more timely and relevant  story is that about Lebanese-born Pastor Abraham Akkary, now 52, a former plumber  who  grew up  and breathed Western Sydney until he received  God’s call to go and live not in the place of his birth in the Middle East but in the mission field of Papua New Guinea.

Pastor Abraham and wife Allyson visited Australia recently, and shared  their life story to a Bible college seminar on Missions at the Essington Christian church in Westmead, NSW along with another missionary Ps. Luke Franklin, from Vanuatu. 

 A former Western Sydney  tradesman with building skills who grew up and treasured the place, Ps  Abraham shared the wonderful work God is doing in his life in PNG, where great opportunities exist for witnessing and leading a life of Christian love for the lost and unbelievers among the hinterland tribes and clans of  PNG. 

 Ps. Abraham and wife Allyson  founded the Christ Missions Possible outpost in Mt. Hagen, PNG , interacting with the natives and living with them in the spirit of Christian love and charity.  Ps Abraham’s  mission also attend to the temporal needs of the community, teaching people life skills and intiating community projects such as recently the building a much needed village bridge over a span of 30 meters across a PNG river.

His mission work is being supported by the Faith in Action Christian outreach which has offices both in PNG and in Australia.

Ps. Abraham shared to bible college students the fulfilment of  what he called “desert experience”  transformation that turned him from his misdirected youth and  life with gangs  in  Western Sydney to a life as Christian evangelist  and missionary.

Ps Abraham said there are still many in PNG hinterland who desperately need Christian witness as more communities in tribal areas come in contact with life in emerging towns and cities. Ps Abraham said he was converted to faith in Christ during his youth in Western Sydney and in intervening early years founded a Christian outreach  in the heart of multicultural Western Sydney until four years ago when he and wife Allyson left for PNG  for the Christin missions.

Ps. Abraham said being a resource rich country, Australia can make a lot of difference to the poor and less endowed in life of people in its neighbouring countries in the Pacific and Asia.

 A entertaining speaker and expert in Aussie slang, he had received some speaking engagements in some Sydney gatherings, and shared his experiences about the mission field.

Church of Foursquare Australia maintains the LIFE Bible College at Essington Christian Church in Westmead, NSW with courses both on certificate and diploma of Christian studies and ministry under a practical format patterned after the United States  LIFE bible college curriculum.

Ps. Abraham’s Faith in Action Ministry can be reached in Australia on 61 430 995 790 and in PNG on + 675 7168 8651, or email  By Nonoy Perdon.