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Abbot talks in New Year Message about constitutional reform re First Australians

Tony-AbbottI ever we should enter a New Year full of optimism, it is in 2014.

We are strong, resilient and smart people.

That’s the strength of our country. Not so much government, but in willingness of you – the people – to better your life.

This is the yea, I hope more of us than ever will “have  go” – we’ll start  new business, we’ll build new houses, we’ll undertake further study, make investments and plan a future: because that’s how we should build the stronger and more prosperous country that we all want.

The Government will do its part: we are scrapping bad taxes, we’re cutting red and green tape, we’re ending waste, we’re building infrastructure and strengthening the Budget.

My plan is to give you more choice, more freedom and fewer government demand – so that you can build a better future for yourself and for our country.

A strong country always has a deep appreciation of its history and this year we commence the commemoration  f the Centenary of the Anzac and I hope that you will take part.

I will also start the conversation about constitutional referendum to rcognise the first Australians. This would complete our constitution rather than change it.

We are a great country and a great people. We believe I family, in community; in doing things for love, no just money; and living our ideals.

May we all be nearer to ur best selves in 2014, government incuded.

So Happy New Year Australia.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott

1 January 2014