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glee club singers

Six West Sydney Teenage Singers Bound for USA for a “Glee Club” Experience

glee club singers
glee club singers

Six  West Sydney teenagers taking music lessons  from  One Voice Singing  School in  Castle Hill, NSW  are joining a month-long talent camp in Los Angeles, California in the U.S.  in December this year.  They will be accompanied by their parents.

Aged 12 to 18, the teen talents  will be with 22 others from Australia to join the Gleeclub Straightedge program of the Australian Institute of Performing Arts or AIPA.  According  to a brochure  the  U.S. tour is “designed to build self-confidence and show students what they can achieve.”

The teenagers are Clarissa Bock, Olivia Bosworth, Joy Laquian,  Alysse Perez and Angelo Marasigan

The group will leave Sydney on 1st December and return to Australia on the 19th December.

The month of December was chosen as it is the end of the year and most performing arts schools have had their year concert.

Mr Jojo Laquian said they have timed his wife and his annual leave from work around the tour schedule   to accompany daughter Joy and visit some family relations in the U.S. West Coast whilst on the trip.

The teenagers have from two years to five years  singing lessons with one Voice Singing School  and have joined the school’s various  group performances in Sydney.

The trip to the U.S. would be the first  singing mission outside of Australia for the six youths.

According to AIPA Cleeclub Straighedge , the group bound for the U.S.  will perform a mini musical.

“Each cast will have a dialogue, there are no stars. The show is about a dance crew and vocalists who

Clash  but work together to fight the local council and get the recognition and resources they need.”

According to AIPA it has put this programme together to ensure that the course is rewarding

experience for the Australian performers and can help students grow and further their love of

performing arts.

Students will participate in class programmes designed specifically for the group.

Students will have a wide range of master classes in singing, dance and acting said AIPA.