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MP Husic challenges Abbot to tell public about Coalition preference and Pauline Hanson


MP Ed Husic
MP Ed Husic

Federal Member for Chifley Ed Husic says Pauline Hanson’s admission that she is willing to work with Tony Abbott should be a huge concern to the local Filipino community.


Mr Husic challenged Mr Abbott to tell the Filipino community if he will cooperate with Ms Hanson if elected to Government or if he will swap preferences with One Nation at the election.


“The Labor Party will put One Nation last. We always have, we always will,” Mr Husic said.


“We reject completely their extreme right wing views – as far as we’re concerned they have no place in Australian politics.


“It is now up to Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party to show us where he stands.”


Hanson is now running for a senate seat for NSW in the coming Federal election.


ABC election anayst Alan Green said, “It  opens the possibility of an Abbott government having a path to pass legislation without having to negotiate  with Labor or the Greens.”


‘At the end of the Senate count, the chances of a minor party being elected will depend on the preferences of the major  parties. They made their view of Hanson  clear more than  a decade ago, they will place One Nation last” ABC anayst Green said.