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Losing showbiz politicians

Losing Celebrities in 2013 Elections

Losing Celebrities PoliticiansAs local celebrities took the political scene, their ‘star factor’ didn’t help them win positions they are vying for.


Famous television and movie personalities like Annabelle Rama, Richard Gomez, Christopher de Leon, Joey Marquez, Imelda Papin, and Rez Cortez didn’t make it to the 2013 Elections, losing to their politician counterpart.


Rama’s congressional bid for Cebu lost to a veteran lawmaker Raul del Mar, getting only 35,842 votes versus the 134,180 votes of her opponent.


Gomez who ran for mayor in Ormoc City, Leyte lost by 2,088 votes to Edward Codilla who is the brother of the incumbent mayor Eric Codilla.


De Leon for congressman of the second district of Batangas got only 20,831 votes in a partial official tally, far from the 63,385 votes of his closest rival Raneo Abu.


Marquez, former mayor of Paranaque also is trailing in the congressional race in Paranaque’s second district over Gus Tambunting.


Jukebox queen Imelda Papin failed to take the congressional seat in the lone district of San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan with only 23,393 votes.


Cortez meanwhile ended up third with only 11,704 votes for congressman in the fifth district of Camarines Sur.


Meanwhile, their ‘star’ shines through- Angelica Jones (board member, 3rd district Laguna), ER Ejercito (governor Laguna), Jolo Revilla (vice-governor Cavite), Vilma Santos (governor, Batangas), and Aga Muhlach (congressman, 4th district Camarines Sur) are just some of the celebrities seen to win their respective positions in this year’s Elections.

Corabelle is the Bayanihan's Phillippine News Correspondent.