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Zsa Zsa and Karylle’s Mothers Day Concert

TWO MOTHERS DAY CONCERTS starring Zsa Zsa  and Karylle Padilla should be a wonderful weekend treats to families and music lovers. The first one will be held at Penrith Panthers in Penrith, NSW on 10th May while the second one will be hosted at the Dallas Brock Centre in East Melbourne, Victoria.

Veteran concert promoter Mrs. Nita Christian of Philippine Entertainment Network with 32 years experience in the field and Ms Liz Honey of Liz Honey production have not left stone unturned  hosting the concerts in Sydney and in melbourne, respectively.

Zsa Zsa who is best known as the wife of the late iconic Philippine comedian Dolphy, herself belongs to the Padilla show business clan.  She has been raised as a performer both as a singer and an actress. She had a string of achievements in film and in TV  as well as a singing career before she started a family.

Zsa Zsa was a teen TV commercial talent, then progressed to a singing career, at one time vocalist of the Philippine-famous “Hotdog” singing band . Before long she was singing as front act to concerts of such singing diva as Kuh  Ledesma, Leah Navarro and  balladeers Nonoy Zuniga and Basil Valdez.  Zsa Zsa’s first major concert was at Araneta Coliseum  in Quezon City, in 1984.

Zsa Zsa has a wide range of  musical talent, from pop during the “Hotdog days” to rock, new wave, rhythm and blues. She eventually made it  to movie roles including a filmography of critically acclaimed movies and drama series on TV whilst showing her prowess as a much sought TV host of a string of programs.

On these coming Mother’s Day concerts inSydney and in Melbourne,  Zsa Zsa will perform with daughter Karylle.  Zsa Zsa and the late Dolphy have three beautiful daughters Karylle, Nicole and Zia.

Daughter Karylle herself is making a mark in Philippine entertainment. She will showcase her own brand of  entertainment during the show.

For general inquiries, please call  Nita  on 02 9626 3089 or 0437 210 007, Vivian 9837 1850 or oo405 086 661 or Elsa 8883 0746;   and for Melbourne : Liz 0412191 577; Chris 0413 455 365, or Ann 0431808 365.