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2022 TAFE fashion week collection

Korean-born Seung Il is one of five hand-picked designers who will be launching their collections at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2022 as part of TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio’s The Innovators showcase.

Analytical Seung Il has a mind for science, but decided to challenge himself to take on a more creative set of skills and forge a different career path.

“I have a degree in Medicinal Chemistry, and did a bit of research in anti-cancer drug delivery systems (polymer chemistry) but realised it wasn’t my cup of tea,” Seung said.

“I just wanted to break free and try a creative career, so I decided to enrol in the Bachelor of Fashion Design at TAFE NSW. I wanted to challenge myself and try new things at the time and I feel I would have regretted it if I hadn’t done it now.”

For over 60 years, TAFE NSW Fashion Design Studio has produced some of the biggest names in the Australian fashion industry.

The graduate show has earned a reputation for being one of the week’s “hottest shows,” and is an important launch pad for emerging Australian fashion designers both locally and internationally.

“This collection is about how we as human beings have experiences that are shared, the emotions that we have are universal and relatable. These things are what make us human, and the overall message is to be kind and understanding of each other,” Seung said.

“In terms of construction there is a blend of tailoring, subtraction cutting and drape. These techniques are complemented by fabric manipulations like quilting, embroidery, screen printing and digital printing. These techniques are born out of my love for telling stories and my cultural background which lends a certain uniqueness that I love.”

This year’s collections have been forged out of two years of COVID-19 lockdowns and reflect a blossoming fashion renaissance born out of a time of intense global upheaval.

“There is definitely a big surge of creative energy coming from the younger generation especially in knitwear. There’s a stronger focus on adaptability and inclusivity in the industry which is beautiful to see.

“There is a strong energy of wanting to create things and I think that’s quite amazing to see. Being locked down has allowed us to try new things that we never had time for, and it’ll be amazing to see this grow and become a part of everyone’s daily lives.”

As the only fashion school in Australia to present graduate collections at Fashion Week, TAFE NSW is proud to introduce the new generation of fashion designers to industry.