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Celebrate World Day through “Halina sa Barangay” foodfest at Chatswood

Sydney civic leader and former United Nations official Zeny Edwards is inviting the Philippine community to join the commemoration of World Day for Cultural Diversity 2022through the “Halina sa Barangay” food festival at the Pamana Restaurant in Chatswood, NSW.

Ms Edwards says World Day for Cultural Diversity 2022 aims to celebrate the richness of the world’s cultures and highlights the significance of cultural diversity as an agent of inclusion and positive change for achieving peace and sustainable development. This year we focus on the Philippines and invite you to share the Filipino culture with us through food. 

Halina sa Barangay  will be held 12.30pm Lunch, Sunday, 22 May 2022  at Pamana Filipino Restaurant  102/9 Railway Street, Chatswood NSW 2067  for $80 per person  

Filipinos are the fifth largest migrant community in Australia, most, nearly 90,000 Filipinos, live in Sydney. Filipinos are known for their close family ties, industriousness, hospitality and happy disposition. Filipinos are also known for their Chinese-Spanish-Asian inspired cuisine. Celebrate with us by partaking in our authentic Filipino buffet starring our iconic suckling pig spit roast (“lechon”) and enjoy our delicious food and sumptuous desserts.