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Greetings from family of FilAm community leader Loida Lewis

Greetings from the family of FilAm community leader Mrs. Lioda Lewis of Chicago, U.S.A, and updates on her continuous travels inside and otsode U.S.A, for various engagements including servan leadership for the interest of Filipinos.

FilAm Mrs Loida Lewis family

In politics, Mrs Lewis is campaigning for Leni Robredo and Kiko Pangilinan for President and Viced Presidents, respectively for the May 2022 election.

Various engagements ted up with the foundation under her late husband Reginald E. Lewis, not to mention a numbr of other civic advocacies. She reported as well about developments in the lives of her daughters Saville with grandson Christian, another daughter Christina who is a wealth coach and grandchildren Calvin, Sasha and Macy.

Mrs Lewis was a close contact of the late Mrs. Lolita Farmers of Sydney and once visited Sydney for the congress of Global Filipinos.