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PH Ambassador dela Vega at launch of Brothers Burger in Penrith

Story release from Philippine Embassy

Brothers Burger launch in Penrith, NSW. Standing from left:Michael Jimenez, Operations Manager; Catherine dela Cruz, Administrative Assistant; Edmund Narvaez, Owner/Head Chef; Michael Furcciniti, Marketing Assistant; Consul Corina Reyes. (Photo credit: Brothers Burger AU)

14 December 2021, CANBERRA – Philippine Ambassador to Australia H.E. Ma. Hellen B. De La Vega visited Brothers Burger in Penrith on 08 December 2021. A well-loved gourmet burger place that was launched in the Philippines in 1999, Brothers Burger opened its flagship international store in New South Wales on 04 December 2021.

Brothers Burger Australia Director Christine Elaine Jimenez said that the planning and training to launch the brand in Australia was undertaken amidst the lockdown and travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic. It has been a very busy first week for Brothers Burger as many Filipinos and the local community came out to try the new burger place in Penrith.

Ambassador De La Vega travelled to Penrith to congratulate Ms. Jimenez and her team for successfully opening Brothers Burger in Australia at this time of pandemic. “Filipinos know good food and sharing our food is what we do best. We are happy to bring the Filipino brand Brothers Burger to Australia and to sh