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Nowhere to go for a lame duck

Dr Ed Escultura –

     Digong is a lame duck. His concern: investigation by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity stemming from the extra-judicial killing that has become the hallmark of his administration. Therefore, he picked Bong Go as the standard bearer of PDP-Laban to protect him.

Edgardo Escultura

But Digong is in a collision course with a more formidable dynasty – the Marcoses headed by Marcos Jr. Worse, he chose Digong’s daughter, Sara, as running mate and formed a coalition with the Macapagals and Estradas. This strange alignment of forces is catastrophic for both because they have overlapping constituency in the South not to mention Manny Pacquiao who will dig deep into the same constituency.

Both Marcos Jr. and Digong support Yorme for the same purpose: to sway Manila voters away from Leni and Kiko. The chasm between Marcos Jr. and Digong began to show in October when Digong did not pardon Marcos Jr. for conviction of moral turpitude. Then he exposed his dismal record as governor and senator and asked him to return his ill-gotten wealth to the government. Now, Bong Go sees the writing on the wall and wants to withdraw from the race. Digong is asking him to stay put.

The political divide is clear: the coalition of power wielders on one side and, on the other, the 120 pink global and local organizations in a coalition for good governance. The exposed dynasties are coming home to roost because the whole country is colored pink with volunteers routing for good governance.

In terms of qualification, Leni has a B.S degree from the UP School of Economics and Law Degree from the University of Nueva Caceres. Marcos Jr. can only claim that he is doing graduate work at Wharton School of Economics. That is impossible because he does not qualify since he is an undergraduate!!!