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Apply now for NSW grant fo next year’s seniors festival programs – Minister Ward

Encouraging our seniors to stay active, healthy and engaged is the focus of a $200,000 NSW Government grants initiative ahead of next year’s Seniors Festival.

Minister for Seniors Natalie Ward today announced applications were now open for organisations to deliver COVID-safe and entertaining programs for the Festival, which is the largest of its kind for seniors in the southern hemisphere.

“The NSW Government is supporting activities that speak to the diverse skills and interests of older people such as art, sport, music, technology, travel, recreation and health,” Mrs Ward said.

“Initiatives should create opportunities to be active, connected and social no matter where a senior may live, the language they speak or their level of ability.”

“It’s also a way to stave off feelings of loneliness and social isolation, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Grants of up to $10,000 per eligible organisation will be made available for the 2022 Seniors Festival.

COVID-safe activities are in focus, along with programs which are accessible to seniors in regional or remote areas, who are culturally and linguistically diverse, or are Aboriginal.

Programs which received funding for the 2021 Seniors Festival included gardening workshops and e-safety sessions.

“Seniors deserve to be recognised for their valuable contribution to families and community as volunteers, role models and carers,” Mrs Ward said.

Applications for grants are open until 30 August. For more information, see: