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The Philippine Corner

Dr. Ed Escultura

      Corruption has become a way of life in the Philippines but it has become even more rampant during the administration of President Duterte. Added to it is the mishandling of the COVID – 19 Pandemic that has made life almost unbearable.

      It is in times of great challenge that people rise to the fore to face it. Indeed, in anticipation of the May 9 presidential election and possible return to martial law, five prominent figures of impeccable integrity – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonio Carpio, retired Associate Justice Conchita Carpio, former Education Secretary Bro. Armin Lustre, former Ambassador Albert del Rosario and Atty. Howie Calleja – convened on April 26 to launch a coalition of groups and individuals – 1Sambayan – whose objectives are:

      (1) To participate actively in unifying the Filipino people to prevent an authoritarian government from taking hold in the Philippines, (2) to support the people in bringing back good governance, respect for human rights, honesty, integrity and accountability in government and (3) to support the selection of a competent administration in the national elections by fielding a national slate of national candidates: president, vice president and 12 senators.

      In five weeks the five convenors have expanded to 23.