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1 SAMBAYAN Australia for Philippine Election 2022 launched in Mt Druitt, NSW

The Philippine election 2022 movement 1 SAMB AYAN was launched Saturday 29 May at the Mt Druitt Hub in Mt Druitt, NSW,
Offficial Convenor of 1SAMBAYAN Australia Delia del Rosario said the event was well attended by Filipino Australian communities from various suburbs and community groups.
Present were e officers and members of the two peak community councils, cause oriented and religious groups such as Couples for Christ, Chaplaincy , GABRIELA NSW, Movement Against Tyranny(MAT) and delegates from the Central Coast Ugnay Kabayan Inc.
Del Rosario said, “WE are the majority, we have to act if we all, aim to install good governance, respect for human rights, to assert our rights on WPS and bring back honesty in the government,” “1Sambayan area coordinators will organise series of community Forum (Townhall Talakayan) to spearhead the campaign “to educate and unify the Filipino-Australian communities to support, and to act to prevent an authoritarian government from taking hold in the Philippines in the Election..

Contact persons for 1SAMBAYAN, are: Atty Chona Davidson 0407 445 573 Movement Against Tyranny(MAT), Dr Veth Guevarra MAT 0431 135 688MAT, and Boyan Mallary 0414 409 905. Assisting to the Media