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PM Scott Morrison

Message by PM Scott Morrison on 75th Anniversary of PH-Australian Diplomacy

As Australia and the Philippines celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations, we reflect with pride on our enduring bonds.

From the depths of the Second World War, to our modern day relationship built on shared interests and values, Australia and the Philippines are friends, partners and neighbours in our region.

Today, we share deep connections of family, defence, education, tourism and development.

In Australia, we are blessed with a growing community of people of Filipino heritage. As individuals, families, and communities, Filipino Australians are vital contributors to our culture and society.

Australians of Filipino heritage are part of our nation’s great immigration story. Integral to the open, tolerant multicultural Australia that we hold so dear.

In the year of a global pandemic, acts of kindness and compassion sustained so many in our community. Filipino groups were active in recognising and responding to situations of need across our country.

As you reached out to others, you lived out the spirit of mateship –– bayanihan –– that we prize so highly in Australia and the Philippines.

This spirit underpins our diplomatic relationship, affirms the ties that bind us across the ocean, and advances our friendship and commitment to a peaceful and prosperous future.

Mabuhay, to all who share my joy on this milestone 75th anniversary.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia