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e-Petition in Parliament to re-unite aged parents to Australian or PRs children

Under the current Immigration policies, the parents of Australians and those with Permanent Residency status are unable to travel to Australia for a visit because they are not classed as ‘immediate family’.  Due to the travel ban and a strict exemption criteria which prevent people from obtaining exemptions unless they have a ‘compelling reason’ their children and grandchildren have been deprived of the opportunity to spend some meaningful time together and enjoy each other’s company while there is time to be had with their ageing parents.

The extended period of time that they have not been together impacts on everyone’s mental health and even on their performance at work.  There are even cases that families had to reconsider their life in Australia and leave the country even after many years of living here.

The public can have the chance to have the policy changed by signing the e-petition currently before the Australian Parliament . This is petition EN3525 – Exemptions of parents of Australians and Permanent Residents, which is open only until 19 March 2021.

You can access the petiton through this link – e-petitions – Parliament of Australia (

It may not even be for your parents, but parents of friends or colleagues who you know are suffering because of separation and not seeing them for some time. Let us do our little bit to promote and maintain a happy society and immediate community.