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NSW Opposition’s Jodi McKay calls for ease of restrictions in time for Easter

NSW Leader of Opposition Jodi McKay MP

NSW Labor is urging the Government to ease COVID-19 health restrictions in places of worship to allow all people of faith to be able to participate in religious ceremonies as Easter, Passover and Ramadan all draw closer

As NSW gets closer to the Easter weekend, one of the holiest celebrations for Christians, a number of unreasonable discrepancies in restrictions remain between places of worship and other venues.

NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay is calling for the Public Health Order to be amended to allow all members of a congregation to sing and chant in their place of worship. Ms McKay said: “There cannot be one standard for hospitality venues and another, much higher one for places of worship. It’s great that concerts are back on and people are able to sing at venues, but it’s time to give people of faith the same respect.

“All parishioners should now be able to participate fully in the ceremonies of their faiths. “Easter is one of the holiest times of the year for Christians and many were not able to celebrate last year’s Easter because of the virus.

Surely we are now in a position to allow all members of congregations across NSW to raise their voices this year. NSW Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park said: “Since Easter last year, people of faith have done an exemplary job in the fight against COVID-19.

“If restrictions in pubs and clubs have been eased to allow people to stand and drink, and gigs are back on across NSW, then it is time ease restrictions and allow all people of faith to sing during their religious ceremonies.”