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Triple events for PCC-NSW in June this year; why AGM also in June

The peak Philippine community organisation Philippine Community Council of NSW (PCC-NSW) has moved  its previously planned 30th Anniversary at end of January 2021 to a new date in June 2021, holding it simultaneously with the Philippine National Day Ball and the 75th Anniversary of Philippine-Australia diplomatic relationship.

The annual general meeting (AGM) usually held in February will be held also in June 2021.

This was announced earlier last 8th January by PCC-NSW President Alric Bulseco in a letter to affiiliates.

Primary reason of the postponement was the then due to COVID-19 restrictions of holding only to 100 people in the booked venue of Bowman Hall owned by the Blacktown City Council.

Recent easing up of NSW COVID-19 restrictions, however, had caught up with the postponement and the PCC-NSW Board may have to reconsider the decision.

Already Ms Kate Andres two-time PCC-NSW past president and now chair of  affiliate Filipino Cooperative has called for an AGM earlier than the announced AGM in June.

Earlier Mr Bulseco said further announcements will be made in the coming months,

Meanwhile Mr Bulseco said the  PCC-NSW Annual General Meeting (AGM) has likewise been moved to latter part of June 2021 after the triple celebration.

Mr Bulseco said the PCC Constitution provides that the AGM should be held within 6 months after the expiration pf the financial year of the Council. PCC financial year ends in December.

Mr Bulseco said this will also align with PCC-NSW’s financial reporting with the directive from the Office of Fair Trading in requiring an association’s financial year to end in June.

In a subsequent letter to Ms. Kate Andres, PCC President Alric Bulseco said following dliberation the PCC-NSW Board has decided to uphold its decision  to conduct the AGM in June 2021 stating that holding it in June is strictly in compliance with Article 22.1 of the PCC-NSW Constitution.

Mr Bulseco said this provides that with the exception of the first AGM, the PCC-NSW Council must at least once every calendar year and within the first six months after the expiration of each financial year of the C ouncil, must convene an AGM of its members.

Mr Bulseco’s letter also said the June financial year-end was also one of the proposed amendments submitted by the 2018 Constitutional Amendments Commitee composed of Rey Manoto (chair), Elsa Collado, Max Lopez, Mike Alvarez, Ethel Singson, Demi Robinson, Benjie de Ubago.